Can You Fit a Turkey in Your Drawer?

The DECKED team made it through turkey day. The team at DECKED is spread out across the US, so gathering the group to celebrate our thanks is near impossible. Everyone made it back from their holiday travels safe and well fed. The weekend before Thanksgiving, Lance was at… Read more chevron-right

Website launch is alive! We have spent almost three years reimagining how truck bed storage systems could be designed and engineered to solve the truck bed storage dilemma. Our website was built around two key goals; supporting our dealers, and allowing truck enthusiasts to learn more about the DECKED system. We… Read more chevron-right

We’re in Ohio!

From the four corners of the US, our team has landed in Ohio to help product test our new truck bed storage system, outfit our trucks, and spend some time together in the heartland of the US. Like kids on Christmas morning, we have waited almost three years to rip… Read more chevron-right