DR. DECKED: Why (Don’t) Men Read the Instructions?

Now Dr. DECKED is not a real medical doctor, psychologist or otherwise, and unfortunately I have never played one on television either, so I don’t have substantial residual income from the Screen Actors Guild from long term reruns of a TV series broadcast in a foreign country.

Dr. DECKED is not a real doctor, or at least not a medical one. However, he is an expert on male issues, like not reading the directions.

That being said, it hasn’t kept the Good Doctor from thinking deep thoughts and pondering the psychology of why men seem to avoid reading the printed product assembly instructions that come with their new purchase. Is this another of those traits, like avoiding asking for directions when lost, that impairs those of us that have both X and Y chromosomes?

Obviously, manufacturers feel the need to invest time in preparing suitable reference material to help their customers get up and running with their new tool or toy in the shortest time possible and to avoid those phone calls from frustrated customers who are not yet enjoying their product, nor their journey to get there.

So what is going on here…….

While doing extensive research along these lines on the Internet, as to whether the male of the species may be psychologically predisposed to this type of behavior because they can’t have babies, the Good Doctor found an article on the MedicalDaily.com website stating “a man’s reluctance to accept help may ……. be his need to stick to his original “system” …., even if it is useless. In contrast, women are more than happy to use all available resources to help …….., even if that means stopping and asking for directions” Christine Hsu: Why Men Refuse to Ask for Directions When Lost

At DECKED we are all about the instructions. But we wonder, did you really take a second to read them? NOTE: They might actually be useful!!

An interesting premise indeed.  But when the Good Doctor held the mirror of introspection upon himself, with his many years of experience putting things together successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully considered, he had some ideas of his own.

Which of these thoughts have you ever had?:

  • This is not a rocket ship, nor rocket science, how hard can it be?
  • Who needs instructions, I have achieved that heightened state of enlightenment as to how things go together because I am a (insert one of the following):
    • rocket scientist,
    • designer
    • engineer
    • mechanic,
    • expert DIY’er,
    • just smarter than the average bear
  • I do have a “man card,” after all, I should know how to use tools and put things together
  • I wouldn’t even consider that this could go together any easier than how I would do it
  • Don’t discourage me from possibly finding a better way to put this thing together, by being so specific as to telling me how it should go
  • What do they know that I don’t already know?
  • I can’t stand these bloody NAFTA regulations and the 20 page fold out sheet with instructions in 3 languages. And all those Do’s and Don’ts legaleze, (don’t get the Doctor going on this) and why you shouldn’t use your hair dryer while in the bathtub.

While the Good Doctor and his accomplices took the greatest care to simplify the design of the DECKED Storage System to its bare essence and fundamental functions, while minimizing pieces and loose hardware, it was unavoidable that “some assembly would still be required.” For the record, the Doctor initially envisioned “no assembly required” by having Amazon drones airlifting our product fully assembled to our customers and landing it in the beds of their pickup trucks. Unfortunately, Amazon’s plan ran headlong into the Federal Aviation Administration and their regulations, so the Doctor was forced to reconsider using current modal transport systems, hence the need to get the product into a reasonable size carton for shipping and handling.

So, in summing things up, the Good Doctor would like to stress the importance of reading the printed instructions that come with every DECKED Storage System and for those times when the instructions may be confusing and you find it better to watch videos, we have them too!