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10 Ways to Use Your Ute Drawers

June 27, 2023

Whether you’ve got ute drawers or you’re thinking about getting some, let us introduce you to their full potential. Tradie, climber, camper, or surfer? No worries. Below are 10 ways you can set your drawer system up—and this is just the beginning. 

1. Next-level Organisation 

We’ll start with what you could call the ultimate ute drawer system setup. Not a screw out of place. Everything where you can see it. This is a great option if you have a lot of bits and pieces or you just love good, solid accessibility. All it takes is a bit of measuring up, then you’ve got a dream setup! 

2. Chuck it all in and Catch the Surf 

When the surf’s up, there’s no time to mess around. And sometimes simple is the solution. If you’ve got bigger items that are an awkward size, you might not need to kit out your ute drawer system with dividers or boxes. Plus - chuck your wet clothes and wet suit in your drawers instead of your back seat! 

3. Climber’s Paradise 

A few dividers on one side and an open drawer on the other. Climbers, outdoor enthusiasts, and tradies can make great use of this setup. You’ve got the wide, open space for big gear and smaller compartments to organise the little things. Done and dusted. 

4. Crack a Cold One 

Yes, that’s right. You can throw in some ice and use your DECKED ute drawer system as an esky! Put a few cold ones in and enjoy an afternoon in the sun. 

5. Fisherman’s Friend  

If you spend your weekends fishing, this one is for you. Kit out your ute drawers with your tacklebox and toolboxes so you can find what you need and make sure your equipment is properly protected. Don’t fish for gear, fish for the real deal. 

6. Work and Play  

A bit of work and play never hurt anyone. If you’re going straight from work to the golf course or vice versa, use a drawer for each. Either leave them empty and load them up or add a box or divider for the smaller items. 

7. A Day Tearing up the Track 

When you’re heading out to the track you want to load up quick. Strap your bike on one side and load your gear into a drawer on the other. It makes for a smooth trip out and a smooth trip back.  

8. Choose Your Own Adventure 

If you use your ute drawer system for a bit of this and a bit of that, you can use dividers and toolboxes to adapt. Load in your boxes when you need more division for your smaller items and take them out when you don’t. It’s as easy as that. 

 9. Outdoor Adventure 

Put a divider or two into your drawers to make your outdoor adventures a breeze. They give you that little bit of extra organisation to keep all your gear where you can find it. And if you aren’t taking loads of gear, you might like to think about that cooler system we mentioned earlier. 

10. Tools, Tools, Tools  

When you’ve got some serious machinery to take care of, you might be in for a bit of Tetris. If they’re going to slide around while you drive, we’d recommend chucking in a divider or box. Feel confident stacking your UTE with a 1 tonne capacity on top of your Decked System.  

Do you have other ways you like to set up your DECKED ute drawer system? Share it with us on Instagram by tagging @deckedaustralia.