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About DECKED Australia

Established in Brisbane in early 2015, DECKED Australia helps our customers get the most out of their vehicles whether at work or at play.

When we first encountered the DECKED tub storage drawer systems, we knew we had found something really special that we just had to bring to the Aussie market. That’s why we are so proud to be the exclusive distributor of the full line of DECKED systems and accessories in Australia.

We are 100% owned and operated by an Australian team that not only believes in the product, we use it ourselves. DECKED Australia is known for great customer service and providing products that always live up to and exceed expectations. Once you try DECKED, like us, there will be no going back, it will change the way you use your ute, truck or van for good.

Work Smarter, Play Harder


DECKED Australia Story

It all began during the Brisbane floods in 2011, when the DECKED Australia founder, Nick, raced to his folks’ home as it was flooding. When he arrived, the bottom level of the family home was already under water and it was lapping at the stairs into the second level. The forecast gave him until 2am before the river water would start pouring into the kitchen and living room.

In true Aussie spirit, all of Nick’s mates turned up in their utes after work to start taking all of the furniture out of the house and up to higher ground. Nick grew increasingly frustrated because everyone had checker plate toolboxes taking up so much space in their tubs that they could only take one mattress or a couch per trip, as the water levels continued to rise up the stairs.

That’s when the seed was planted. Nick had to find a solution.

In 2014, Nick was living in the USA. During that time, still with that stressful scenario in mind, he found a new company called DECKED. The company had invented a raised floor storage drawer system that was waterproof, had a flat top that could hold a heap of weight, was made from recycled HDPE and was extremely lightweight.

Nick flew out to the DECKED HQ in Ketchum, Idaho to meet with DECKED USA team to convince them that Australians needed these ute drawers. At the time, DECKED only made drawer systems for USA pickup trucks like the Silverado and F-150. The DECKED USA team spent a considerable amount of time trying to get these larger drawer systems to fit into our narrower Australian utes, before they came to realise the end outcome wasn’t going to be the best fit.

That’s when the team went back to the drawing board and began designing a drawer system specifically for Australian utes. After 4 years of 3D scanning, design, testing, installation and modifications, the DECKED drawer system for Australian vehicles landed in the country and DECKED Australia was born.