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5 Reasons to Cash in Your Tax Refund with DECKED!

Whether you’re a sole trader or a business with fleet vehicles, replacing damaged and lost tools can be real hassle and isn’t cost effective in the long run. This time of year is a great opportunity to get those customised upgrades to get the most out of your work vehicle, making it easier to get the job done.

DECKED Australia provides not only one, but FIVE reasons to cash in that tax refund with DECKED!

Beat the Australian sun and climate

Nothing’s worse than that plastic tub you bought as a cheap alternative, now cracking, and warping. Then there’s that toolbox bought at the local hardware store, denting, and rusting quickly under the Australian sun while you’re out on a job.

We’ve got to work with some of the harshest conditions on the planet so to meet that, DECKED Australia’s drawer storage systems are all weatherproof with UV resistance. They are also watertight, especially useful to those who work with water and liquids as part of their day-to-day or even when you’re out to play at the beach on the weekend. By keeping moisture out, all your tools are less prone to corrosion and will have their lifespan extended as a result.

Safety is always a priority, quality engineering a must!

As well as being tough against Australian conditions, all our drawer storage systems and accessories have been tested and approved for FVMVSS 302 flammability certifications. The main material in producing our drawers, HDPE is self-extinguishing. Having said this, we do not advise you to light it all on fire when you want to use it, right?

Protect your equipment and tools

Have your tools and equipment fallen apart or gone missing? All of our drawer storage systems are secure and lockable so you can ensure your tools are there, safe and in good condition. Save money in the long run, without having to replace your stolen or damaged equipment. Take the time now to invest in a better storage system and get ahead for the start of this new financial year.

Get all the heavy lifting done for you

Need more than just one toolbox for the job? Our storage solutions can carry up to 1 tonne of evenly distributed equipment and are customisable to whatever suits your needs. The drawers themselves weigh between 90kgs and 105 kgs, making them very light but durable to its capacity load.

Room for more and organise with ease

The drawer storage systems are installed and built around the wheel arches of your vehicle, maximising on the space so you can fit even more at the back of your van, ute or truck’s tray.

Would that make the drawers hard to reach being installed that low? Well, no. The drawers roll out smoothly and end up sitting at waist height so there’s no need to bend your knees or back, making our drawer system perfectly ergonomic for tradies.

With these five reasons and many more, DECKED drawer systems aren’t just an investment for this financial year but for years to come. There are also several compatible accessories available to further enhance your organisation within the drawers and to add more convenient storage on your vehicle. You can check out our drawer systems and accessories in action on Channel Ten’s Three Blue Ducks nationally and Channel Seven’s News Home Guide on WA television.


Get yourself sorted with DECKED drawer storage systems for the start of the new financial year by heading here.

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