DECK Out Your New Ford Ranger

DECK Out Your New Ford Ranger

The Next-Gen Ford Ranger arrived on Australian shores mid-last year, generating plenty of excitement amongst Ford fans and motorists alike.  

Admittedly, many Aussies are still waiting on their vehicle, with global supply chain and manufacturing challenges extending wait times, and certain vehicles potentially not arriving until 2023.  

But, regardless of whether you’re already getting around in your new Ranger or you’re still waiting patiently, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about which sliding drawer system is best for your Ford Ranger.  

And there’s only one answer – DECKED.  

Which Next-Gen Ranger models will DECKED fit?

We’re pleased to say that the DECKED drawer system can be custom cut to every model of the latest generation of Ford Ranger.  

This means you can get DECKED for your: 

  • Ranger Wildtrak (V6 and 2.0L) 
  • Ranger Sport V6 
  • Ranger Raptor 
  • Ranger Super Cab  
  • Ranger XL 
  • Ranger XLT 

Ford Ranger Decked System

What sets DECKED apart?

When it comes to treating your Ranger to a sliding drawer system, DECKED is unlike anything else on the market. 

Custom cut - fits like a glove 

Unlike other sliding drawer systems, DECKED drawers are custom cut to your exact vehicle type. So, whether you are getting around in a Wildtrak or Raptor, your DECKED drawers will fit perfectly.  

Easy DIY installation 

Your DECKED system will arrive partly pre-assembled. This means you can easily install it at home, without any annoying flat packs.  

Plus, due to the pre-assembly and the custom-cut nature of the drawers, you won't have any of the annoying rattling and noise that might come with other drawers or wing kits. The DECKED system for the new Ford Ranger doesn’t require any drilling into the tub, it’s all secured through the factory tie-down points. 

If you don’t have the time, your local mechanic will also be able to install your drawers in no time.  

Minimum space burden, maximum storage

The DECKED system’s ultra-low profile tight tub fit means you can use the maximum amount of space in your Ranger’s tray bed. The sturdy system also allows for up to a tonne of extra great to be carried on top.  

Whether it’s dirt bikes, lawnmowers or building materials, the DECKED system is ready to handle what you throw at it.  

Accessorise DECKED to suit your lifestyle 

DECKED comes with a boat load of extra accessories to suit you. From keys and locks specifically designed to keep the contents of your drawer safe, sturdy toolboxes to Drawganizers for all your bits and bobs, you can customise your DECKED system to work for you.  

DECKED for your Ford Ranger – perfect for work and play

The DECKED system has been engineered for life. Whether that’s hard work, or adventure, it’s equipped to throw whatever you want at – or in – them. 

Get in touch with DECKED today to find out how we can upgrade your new Ford Ranger.  

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