Wide shot of a man standing on the DECKED Truck Tool Box ladder putting tools in his truck

Holy Truck! The DECKED Truck Tool Box is Here

The DECKED Truck Tool Box has landed in Australia and it’s safe to say we are truckin’ excited.  

The DECKED Truck Tool Box revolutionises toolbox design — a product that hasn’t seen a lot of love in, well, 50 years.  

It’s the first toolbox that has been engineered to be easy to access, thief-proof, waterproof, virtually indestructible and offer more storage solutions than you could poke a stick at — it even comes with a ladder!  

For tradies across Australia, it’s time to say goodbye to that old, rusted steel box in the back of your ute and g’day to the future.  

Let’s take a peek at what you can expect from the DECKED Truck Tool Box.  

The world’s best truck bed toolbox has arrived in Australia

Image of DECKED Truck Tool Box with D-Box Tool Box

Storing, organising, protecting and most of all accessing your tools is an essential part of any tradie’s daily routine — they are what keep you in business, keep your work up to scratch and make your life easier.  

You know that expression, ‘look after your tools and they’ll look after you?’ Well, the DECKED Truck Tool Box is ready to give your tools the 5-star treatment (spa and face masks not included).  

Easy access

The DECKED Truck Tool Box is the first toolbox that comes with a ladder.  

Our engineers over in the States have been hard at work in the lab for the last couple of years to find out how we can ensure you can reach all your tools without pulling a hammy.  

Turns out the answer is simple: a lightweight and collapsible ladder that sits in the side of your Tool Box and easily drops to the ground.  

This means no more climbing into the back of your ute tray to fish out your tools – saving you time and saving your knees.  

Once you're done, the telescopic legs fold back up, taking up minimal space. Easy!  

Dent, rust and life proof

The DECKED Tool Box offers robust industrial strength, ready to handle anything the Aussie tradie can throw at or in it. We’ve constructed this beauty using injection moulded, high-impact resin with anti-corrosion galvanised steel and aluminium reinforcement.  

This is just a fancy way of saying this is the first toolbox that will look exactly the same in three years as it did on the first day you bought it; no rust, no dents, no truckin’ worries.  

Modular storage

Most toolboxes you buy in the market are literally that – an aluminium box to throw tools in, with no rhyme or reason when it comes to storage.  

Well, the DECKED Truck Tool Box has been specifically designed with storage innovation in mind. Hey – that rhymed.  

Every Box comes standard with an easy-to-grab toolbox tray and snack tray. Plus, with a bunch of extra accessories available, you can store, secure and play your way.

Moulded, not welded

Because the DECKED Truck Tool Box are made using injection moulding and not welding, the lid and tub are completely seamless and watertight – all sealed tightly with an EPDM gasket.  

This means all your gear is protected from water and moisture, keeping your gear dry and protected from the harsh Aussie elements. 

Totally theft proof 

The DECKED Truck Tool Box is virtually impenetrable. The lock and latch system, where a single lock secures multiple latch points, means everything in your Tool Box is safe from prying hands.  

Any tradie knows how important it is to lock up their gear. And — we all also know how much of a target our utes can be for thieves. So, turn your ute into a thief’s worst nightmare, with a toolbox that is basically impossible to break into. Even with a crowbar, the tub and lid interface eliminates entry points for thieves to get a grip of.  

Order your DECKED Truck Tool Box today

The revolutionary toolbox has landed on Aussie shores – and you can secure yours today.  

Order your DECKED Truck Tool Box now — but get in quick, limited stock available.  

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