Decked Esky

Ramp Up Finals Footy with DECKED

It doesn't matter which code you follow, AFL or NRL, September means one thing for any fan - finals footy.

But, with DECKED, you can be the hero among your mates, by maximising your DECKED drawers for the event.

Not sure what we mean? Here’s how you can turn your September into one to remember through the power of DECKED.

Turn your drawers into a mobile esky

Did you know that DECKED drawer systems are temperature controlled? How about that they’re watertight? Forget the esky, turn your DECKED drawer into the ultimate beer cooler.

Simply add ice and your favourite brews to one of the slide-out drawers and enjoy the footy from anywhere. And don’t forget, we’ve got a built-in bottle opener so no need to crack your teeth to enjoy a cold one.



Watch the footy in the great outdoors

On the road and in the outdoors is no excuse to miss the Footy finals. In fact, if your ute has an awning, all you need is a strong mobile signal – a laptop or portable TV and you’re ready to watch the game.

When you’re ready to call it a night, store your gear and goods in the secure and lockable UTE drawers. This keeps your gear away from any unwanted visitors. 



Have yourself a good ol’ Aussie BBQ 

Use your drawers to store more than just beers, but meats and cheeses- everything you need (cold or warm) for an Aussie BBQ. At a home or in the outdoors, your UTE and Decked Drawers can turn anything, anywhere into a party.



Wherever you’re watching, and whoever you’re backing- stay safe and enjoy the games even more with Decked Drawer systems. 


Recreate your favourite footy moments

Keep extra merch, balls and a pump stored in your drawers so you can recreate your favourite moments after a few beers. 

Whether it’s you leaping through the air to recreate a famous mark, or pinning the ears back and recreating a famous try-saving tackle, DECKED has you covered to relive those famous moments. 

Once you’re done, lock up your gear and sleep soundly knowing your merch is safely stored away, and your tattered old scarf will be right where you left it.


Get DECKED all year round

For the other 11 months of the year, DECKED can help take your work or play game to the very next level. With drawer systems that are custom cut to your vehicle’s exact model and spefications, DECKED is tailored to your lifestyle. 

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