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Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Tools

May 5, 2021

Whether you’re on the tools for a living or enjoy a serious hobby on the weekend, it can be costly to replace lost and damaged tools, creating a real dent in your budget and in your plans.

The DECKED team have come up with some tips and tricks on how you can protect your tools from corrosion and thieves, while saving you money in the long-term. First, lets look at how to…

Black ute with DECKED lockable drawers

Protect your tools from damage

Using your tools regularly is the easiest and cheapest trick to protect your tools from corrosion. If you find there is a tool that doesn’t get regular use, consider borrowing it from time to time when needed or hire it out. If those suggestions are not options, consider where it is stored. Moisture is an issue with all tools, so it can be worth investing in a humidifier, which will reduce exposure and comes with a relatively low cost.

Having said this, always be consistent with cleaning all your tools after use and before you pack it away. While cleaning, you can apply a corrosion inhibitor such as mineral oil, paste wax coating or WD-40. This can not only prevent rust but also can improve your tool’s overall effectiveness. To reduce the possibility of cross-contamination, organise and separate your hand tools from your power tools.

Of course, all these tips and tricks are all for nothing if your tools get stolen. Which leads us to how you can….

Man using DECKED sliding drawer system to safely store construction tools

Protect your tools from loss

Losing tools from theft and misplacement is a reality for many tradies and businesses. It can become a serious and unnecessary drain on the budget. There are some ways to make your tools less likely to be stolen and more likely to be returned should they have been genuinely misplaced.

You can engrave identifying marks onto your tools, thereby labelling them with your name, company, and phone number. This will not only assist in being returned to you but also will act as a deterrent for thieves as this will lower the resell value of the item. On top of this, go one step further and paint your tools a bright colour. This way they are be easily visible if lost and again lowers that resell value. Another preventative move affecting resell value is to separate your batteries and chargers from your power tools. Without batteries and chargers, it renders the power tools as a less attractive proposition and makes it harder to resell.

Close up of DECKED drawer system in red ute

Improve your storage system

Whilst all these tips and tricks will go some way to reducing cost inefficiencies, storage is the real key to resolving this critical issue and saving costs in the long-term. By installing a DECKED drawer system, you are protecting your tools by locking them away, resistant to both thieves and Australian conditions.

DECKED drawer storage systems maximise your space, keep your gear organised and secure while being weatherproof, watertight, and resistant to the Australian sun’s harsh UV rays. You can be assured that your tools are safe and protected from the elements. Your tools will last longer.

There are several compatible accessories available to further enhance your organisation within the drawers and to add more convenient storage on your vehicle. You can check out our ute drawer systems and accessories in action on Channel Ten’s Three Blue Ducks nationally and Channel Seven’s News Home Guide on WA television.

Get yourself sorted with DECKED drawer storage systems for every working week of the year by heading here.

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