DECKED ute with Crossbox and D-Box in sliding drawer system

Treat Your Tools With the DECKED D-Box and Crossbox

If you’re ready to step up your work and play game, the DECKED D-Box and Crossbox are the perfect solution to store, sort and keep your gear safe.  

Forget rummaging around for tools, lures, bolts or bits and bobs. With the DECKED D-Box and Crossbox, you’ll know exactly where to find all your gear.  

Whether it’s for work, to party or kick back, these durable toolboxes are purpose-built to maximise every inch of your DECKED ute drawer system and van sliding drawer system. 

DECKED Crossbox open

What can they do?

Both the D-Box and Crossbox are designed to level up your storage and organisation game. Trust us – you don’t need to be a type A brain to be storing, organising and sorting like Marie Kondo.  

These custom-built toolboxes nest perfectly inside the DECKED full-size and midsize system drawers.  

Offering maximum storage space, these toolboxes are rugged, built to last, and ready to handle anything you throw at (or in) them.  

Both the D-Box and Crossbox are: 

  • Ergonomic with two handy locking levers and convenient grip points, for easy loading moving and unloading. 
  • Durable – high-impact resin and heavy-duty construction, handling everything from gruelling worksites to the rugged Australian outdoors. 
  • Adaptable with small tool parts and an organiser in the Crossbox, plus D-Box dividers offering more storage solutions. 
  • Weatherproof and waterproof material protecting your tools, equipment and gear from the harshest Australian climates.  
  • Handy for the tradie or handyman – both coming with a built-in ruler and common bolt and bit guide on the lid.  

DECKED D-Box open

Difference between the D-Box and Crossbox

The main difference between the two is the Crossbox is half the size of the D-Box, and comes with a removable small parts and tool tray. The Crossbox is able to fit narrow, midsize drawers lengthwise, and fit wide, midsize and fullsize drawers crosswise.  

On the other hand, the D-Box is larger and offers more storage. A standard full-size 6’6” system can accommodate three D-Boxes per drawer, and two D-Boxes fit in any midsize wide drawers. The D-Box does not fit midsize system narrow drawers.  



52 cm x 44.45 cm x 20.32 cm 

44.45 cm x 27.3 cm x 

30 ltr capacity 

11 ltr capacity 

22 kg weight limit 

18 kg weight limit 

Recessed locking levers 

Recessed locking levers  

EPDM Gasket 

Integrated EPDM seal  

2 grip points 

Removable small parts and tool tray  

Horizontal and vertical car handles 

2 grip points 

Ruler & common bolt/bit guide 

Ruler & common bolt/bit guide  

D-Box is fit for DECKED

Your DECKED ute and van drawer system is fit for life. And – your D-Box and Crossbox is fit for DECKED. 

Shop D-Box and Crossbox online now or get in contact with DECKED to learn more about how you can level up your work and play.  

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