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Made for Aussie Conditions

DECKED pull out drawers let you get more out of your favourite weekend pursuits

No other slide out ute drawers on the market offer the same level of flexibility, reliability and value for money as DECKED.

Whether you’re into fishing, surfing, camping, hunting, boating or road tripping around Australia, DECKED will reduce the time you spend packing and unpacking, and give you more time to enjoy your time off.

The Best Way to Customise Your Ute, 4x4 or van Storage

DECKED offers everything you’re looking for and more in pull-out vehicle drawers, convenience, safety and durability.

Weatherproof and Watertight

DECKED drawers won’t fade or crack in the harsh Aussie sun, they’re durable without a canopy and 100% watertight to protect your important belongings from damage.

Lightweight and Sturdy

Our drawers can take up to 1 tonne on top, while weighing less than 105kgs. They won’t break under pressure, making them ideal for loading jet skis, surfboards or other heavy gear.


Deter thieves and vandals, keep your valuable equipment protected and safeguard passers-by from dangerous or sharp objects in your drawers with DECKED secure, rustproof locks.

Maximise Your Space

Get the most out of your 4x4, ute or van; with DECKED custom cut drawers you get supreme storage space that fits above wheel arches and a flat top section to carry even more.


The DECKED comprehensive 3-year warranty offers you the peace of mind you need, knowing your drawers are covered in the unlikely case of any problems.

Easy Installation

Our drawers come partly pre-assembled, they fit like a glove, are easy to self-install - saving you from paying for installation, plus they’re easy to remove and reinstall again at any time.


DECKED is made from 100% recycled HDPE which is the strongest recycled plastic you’ll find, supported by anti-corrosion treated steel, making DECKED tough but sustainable.


Our smooth rolling drawers make it easy to slide your gear out at waist height, saving your knees and back when packing and unpacking, and reducing trips to and from the vehicle.


No other ute, 4x4 or cargo van drawer storage system can match DECKED for strength, value and versatility.


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UV Resistant
Custom Cut to Fit Each Vehicle Tub
Strong to the Edge
1 Tonne Capacity
Lightweight (under 105kg)
Easy Self Install
No Canopy Needed
Made from Recyclable Materials
3 Year Warranty
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Made for Your Lifestyle

Our versatile and durable vehicle drawer systems are ideal for a wide range of tough hobbies and pursuits.

Camping and Road Trips

No more digging about your tub trying to find something you packed. DECKED keeps things organised and easy to access with waist high drawers you can get to without having to move your bigger equipment stacked on top.

Fishing and Hunting

Safely and securely store your rods, sharp hooks or firearms in one lockable drawer and customise the other with a plug so you can keep whatever you catch safely on ice through the day and on the way home.

Sports and Hobbies

Specialist hobbies and sporting supplies can be very costly, so it makes sense to transport them in the safety and security of DECKED drawers where delicate parts won’t get crushed or destroyed while in transit.

Boating and the Beach

No other vehicle tub drawer system offers the same level of waterproof and rust proof construction as DECKED, making it ideal for surfing, jet skiing, boating and other activities that take place on Australia’s waterways.

See DECKED storage drawers at play

Ergonomic and easy to use, increased storage and organisation, and easy to pack and unpack all adds up to more time to enjoy your weekend.


DECKED Dimensions

DECKED is a Great Fit

Our custom cut vehicle drawer systems are specifically designed for Australia’s favourite vehicles from these trusted brands.