• We’re not just about helping you get your gear from A to B. We’re about making your entire experience better—whether you’re heading to a work site or out into the great outdoors.

    Established in Brisbane in early 2015, DECKED Australia helps you get the most out of your vehicle (whether at work or at play). When we first encountered the DECKED tub storage drawer systems, we knew we’d found something really special that we had to bring to the Aussie market.

  • That’s why we’re so proud to be the exclusive distributor of the full line of DECKED systems and accessories in Australia.

    We’re 100% owned and operated by an Aussie team that not only believes in the product, we use it ourselves. DECKED Australia is known for great customer service and providing products that always live up to and exceed expectations. Once you try DECKED, you won’t look back—it will change the way you use your ute, truck or van for good. Trust us, we know it firsthand.