5 Ute Tool Box Organisation Ideas

5 Ute Tool Box Organisation Ideas

When you're picking up the tools for the day, you want them right there and ready to go. And with a few ute tool box organisation ideas, you can make life a hell of a lot easier.

Let’s not settle for the daily rummage or lost and damaged tools. It’s time to sort it out.

Do a quick tool audit

When was the last time you took a long hard look at what’s in your tool box? If it’s been a while, you might want to do a quick audit so you can get rid of any tools that you don’t use or are in need of an upgrade.  

Use a tool box tray

A lot of tool boxes are just a big aluminium box. You chuck your tools in and off you go. There are a few issues with this. One is that your tools slide around as you’re driving, so even if you knew where you put something to begin with... chances are it’s gone walkabout.  

With a tool box tray, you can better protect and organise your gear. That's why our Truck Tool Box comes with an easy-to-grab tool box tray.  

Keep it simple with dividers

Simple customisation can go a long way. Grab some dividers and add them to your setup to break up the space how you want to. Group and sort your tools so it makes sense to you. This will help maximise your space and minimise the headaches. Trust us on this.  

To let you customise your setup, our Truck Tool Box has a range of extra accessories so you can organise your tools your way. When it comes to modular storage, we’ve got it down. 

Set up easy access 

You might not have thought about this one, but you’ll get it when we tell you. Sorting out your tools and your ute box is one thing, accessing them is another. This often means climbing into the ute, leaning over, or standing on something. You don’t have time for that. 

We went the extra mile with our Truck Tool Box, installing a lightweight ladder that sits in the side of your tool box and easily drops to the ground. You can see everything in your kit without it being a pain. 

Go durable or go back to the drawing board

Look, once your ute tool box organisation ideas are in action, you don’t want to have to do it all over again because it’s rusting or corroding. And we don’t want you to have to do that either. So, we found a way to take that out of the equation

Our Truck Tool Box is made with injection moulded, high impact resin with anti-corrosion galvanised steel and aluminium reinforcement. In other words, it lasts a really, really long time and is watertight. 

How’s that ute tool box organisation looking? If it’s time for an upgrade, head on over to see more great features of our new Truck Tool Box here. 

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