Decked Drawer System for Hilux

DECK Out Your Toyota HiLux

Toyota recently released the revamped HiLux Rogue, and it’s brawnier than ever. Add a DECKED drawer system and you’ve got a serious beast on your hands. 

See, we believe you can have it all. The power, the handling, and the looks of a HiLux combined with the perfect place to keep your gear and tools safe.  

Below are some of our favourite ways to DECK out your HiLux with our ute storage systems. 

HiLux Ute Tray Drawers 

The Hilux has long been the tradie’s and adventurer’s best friend. And what better quality to have in a best friend than reliability. Our ute drawer storage makes it easy to keep your tools and gear protected and organised. 

It’s weatherproof and watertight—yes, that means no more tarps or an expensive canopy to protect your stuff.  

To match the brawn of your HiLux, our drawers can handle 1 tonne on top and 100kg inside each drawer. So, if things get heavy, you can meet it with a “no worries”. 

DECKED ute tray drawers are also custom cut which means it looks spot on while maximising your storage space. And since you’ll be able to fit so much in, our drawers also lock to keep it all protected. 

HiLux CargoGlide 

Toyota aren’t the only ones announcing new models. This year we’re releasing CargoGlide which is great news for HiLux drivers. It helps you work smarter, not harder. Whether you’re loading up your tools for the day or your toys for a weekend away, it makes it easy to access everything in one smooth movement. 

CargoGlide is a tray that’s fitted to your HiLux and made from durable steel and aluminium. It rolls out in one buttery-smooth motion, bringing your gear to you...instead of having to lean, climb, or crawl into the back to reach it. You know how it goes.  

That’s not even the best bit. You can fit it on top of your ute tray drawers for the ultimate setup. Be one of the first to hear about its arrival by joining the CargoGlide waitlist 

HiLux Organisation Accessories 

Yes, you can level up your HiLux even more. Whether you’ve got a ute tool box or drawer system, you can set them up to suit you.  

We’re talking dividers to break up the space and tool boxes that fit like a glove and go anywhere with you.  

Whether you’ve got your hands on the new HiLux Rogue or your trusty steed is another model—make the most of the tray with a drawer or tool box that fits like a glove. You can thank us later. 

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