Wing kit vs. Custom-Cut 4x4 Drawers

Wing kit vs. Custom-Cut 4x4 Drawers

If you’re looking to maximise your 4x4 ute’s storage space, you may want to consider installing a ute drawer system 

However, when it comes to drawer systems, there are a lot of options available to you.  

The biggest question you will have to ask yourself is whether to opt for a DIY wing kit or getting a drawer system custom cut to your specific vehicle.  

Let’s compare the two options.  

What is a wing kit?

A wing kit is a do-it-yourself 4x4 drawer solution. Wing kits let you store tools, camping gear, equipment and more. 

Generally, wing kits are sold in a single size that will fit most dual cab ute trays. Wing kits can be installed at home and often come with all hardware required for installation – all you need are some tools and a bit of knowhow.  

However, these systems are usually carpeted, so are usually best suited for utes with canopies and may not come with any warranty.   

What is a custom cut 4x4 drawer system? 

Unlike a wing kit, which is one size fits all, a custom cut drawer kit is – unsurprisingly – custom cut to your specific vehicle.  

DECKED, for example, makes ute drawer systems custom cut to most popular utes, including: 

Like wing kits, a DECKED system can be installed easily at home, and are perfect for storing everything from tools, camping equipment, fishing gear – even beers! 

Pulled out DECKED Drawer systems with tools

What are the benefits of a custom 4x4 drawers over a wing kit? 

A custom-cut drawer system from DECKED fits perfectly to your vehicle make. But it’s not just the snug fit, DECKED systems come with a heap of other benefits.  

Weatherproof and watertight

DECKED drawers are perfectly designed and suited for Australia’s harsh conditions.  

No matter what the Aussie weather has to throw at it — beating sun or torrential rain — your DECKED system won’t fade or crack.  


Keep your gear exactly where it’s meant to be with DECKED’s secure, rustproof locks 


With a comprehensive 3-year warranty on all DECKED systems, you can rest assured your investment is covered in the unlikely event of something going wrong.  


All DECKED systems are made from 100% recycled HDPE (the stuff they make coke bottle lids from). It’s ute storage you can feel good about.  

Accessorise your way

DECKED offers a host of other accessories so you can work or play your way. Choose from: 

Get DECKED in 2023 

When it comes to ute storage that is perfectly suited to you and your vehicle, and that will last long into the future, the only answer is DECKED. 

Get in contact with DECKED today to discuss your options, or browse our online store 

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