This past weekend thousands of overland cultists descended on Mormon Lake twenty five miles south of Flagstaff, Arizona for an incredible weekend of all things off road, overland and knobby.  Hundreds of vendors rolled into town with the variety of machines ranging from Mad Max inspired survival wagons to globe crossing luxury off road vehicles to some of the most tricked out and coveted trucks and Landcruiser-style vehicles on earth.  We could go on about the variety of machines present, but a lot of times show is better than tell.  So here is a round up of what we saw and loved through the lens of Cory Smith @idarado 


IMG_2486IMG_2487IMG_2485IMG_2483IMG_2476IMG_2478IMG_2483IMG_2489IMG_2475IMG_9776IMG_9764IMG_2476IMG_2484IMG_2488IMG_2490IMG_2491IMG_2495IMG_2477IMG_9766IMG_9762IMG_9794 2IMG_2493IMG_9790Photographer and all around get 'er done guy, Cory Smith of Idarado Media brewed, BBQ'd, videoed, photo'd and drank only 1/2 our beer. All good photos his, the others are mine, the author's.