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DECK the Halls this Christmas

There’s nothing quite like an Aussie Christmas. Whether you're spending it frantically dashing between Christmas parties, playing backyard cricket with your mates, or at home doing absolutely nothing, the Australian summer is truly what you make it. 

For those of you who use your DECKED system for work  filled with tools, equipment and materials all year  we think both you AND your DECKED system deserve some time off.  

With the tools down for the next few weeks, here are three ways you can switch your DECKED ute drawers or DECKED van drawer system onto holiday mode.  

Turn your DECKED system into a mobile Esky

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DECKED drawers are all-weatherproof, UV resistant and completely suited to the Australian summer. Plus, by simply adding a drain plug to your customisable DECKED sliding drawers, you can turn your ute or van into a drivable Esky.  

Whether you’re just filling one drawer with enough cans for you, or every nook and cranny with ice and drinks and supply the party, DECKED will keep everything crisp 

So, swap out your framing square, drill and carpenters’ pencil for a case of something refreshing (whatever that may be), and become the mobile cooler box that your friends and family will love this Christmas.  

The safest, easiest way to hit the beach  

DECKED ute sliding tray storage

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For so many Australians, summer is incomplete without a pilgrimage to the beaches of this great nation. Your DECKED drawer system can turn your ute or van into the ultimate beach companion.   

Firstly, with DECKED’s fully lockable drawer systems, you can keep all your belongings safe but also conveniently accessible, as your valuables are within arm's reach in your nearby parked car. This means you can park up at the beach all day and not worry about anything being stolen or damaged. 

Plus, the UV and waterproof drawers keep whatever’s inside them protected from the harsh Australian elements, including sea water 

The best part? Simply give your DECKED system a once-over with the hose to get any sand or dirt removed.  

Road trip in comfort

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Christmas and the holiday period are a great opportunity to get away from the everyday grind and take some time to properly relax. With everybody on a few weeks off, what better way to see Australia than hitting the road by day, sitting under the stars by night? 

With the drawer system offering all the storage solutions you could ever want, DECKED means you can store all your food and supplies and other smaller camping equipment, while still leaving a sturdy, flat surface that can handle up to a tonne of extra weight.  

This means you’re prepared no matter where you go, whether that’s a beachside campground or pulling into a hotel – all your equipment is kept organised in a single, secure location.  

Get someone DECKED this Christmas 

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It’s never too late to get someone (or yourself) DECKED for Christmas 

DECKED truly is the ultimate personal gift for anyone who uses wants to get the most out of how they use their ute or van; built to suit your exact vehicle and 100% waterproof, UV resistant and lockable.   

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